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Old News: January 2003

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11th January 2003
Happy New Year! You find me feeling pretty PLEASED actually, after just having completed my first week of a NEW JOB, here in That London. I've never really HAD a Proper New Job before, and it was HARD WORK. MAN! There's all these people there, whose names i don't know, nobody told me that would happen!

All is pretty groovy though, and i am happy to report that my Good Intentions (i.e. to spend January not really going out, concentrating on my CAREER and that) are holding firm... for the moment. HOWEVER i am CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get out there next month and ROCK. I want some GIGS! That's what i want! Nothing to report yet though, and thus not much to report i fear. The album is still sounding BLOODY GRATE, and indeed seems to have gone down well with those lucky few who've heard it, and as stated above hopefully i'll be out and about PREMIERING some of these great new TOONS in the near future - indeed, over the course of the general New Year's celebrations, Mr McClure and i did agree to try Working Up A Double Act, not least so that we can go to HULL together and play there.

But that's all in the future. Hopefully in a couple of weeks i'll be able to tell you about the final recording plans, band get togethers, and even maybe some gigs, but for now I say welcome to THIS future, i hope it is turning out as LOVELY for you as it is for me!

Note from the future: after this I went over to Blogger!
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