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Bands: The K-Stars

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This was a lovely band to be in. I'd known Zac and Matt out of this lot since when they were in Leichtenstein Girl, and would come up to me in Clubs, pissed, and tell me Voon was shit, something which they apologised for profusely in later life, bless. I was at some do one night, when they asked me if I'd like to play bass for them, as the bloke who ran the group and played bass had just left. Hopeless Tart that i am, i said yes.

However, it ended up being called the K-Stars, because that bloke claimed ownership on the name. Matthew knew Will from the Wonderful World of Fanzines, so he came in to drum, and bloody hell but we were terrible. Practices would take about an HOUR to get started while Will and Matt swapped Fall riffs and Zachary tried to work out his "special tuning". We played a few gigs that were a complete and utter shambles, and then Something Happened, and I don't know what.

We were in Archway Studios recording our song for the Sorted EP - it'd taken forever, because the drums and guitar were out of time, and Zachary's "tuning" was all over the shop. Pissed off with sitting around waiting to do my bit, i went to the shops. When i got back 15 minutes later the track was nearly finished, and it sounded fantastic! The next week we had a practice, when Matt brought in a new song. He started playing, we all joined in, and straight away it sounded great. We had a gig that night, and we all walked down together, and felt like A BAND. The gig itself, rather than being the usual shameful cock up, ROCKED! I don't know what happened in those 15 minutes, but i wish i could get it to happen again.

Later on we went to record all the songs we had, at the Country Mansion of one of Will's Brian And The Teenagers colleagues. Me and Zac and Matt went out there on the bus, and felt like inner city teenagers having a day in the countryside. While Matt did his vocals we went and looked at the horses. Again, it all came out sounding pretty excellent, especially "Kitchen Sink Drama", and more gigs ensued. It was extra fun for me because all i had to do was turn up, play bass, and enjoy myself, as Matt did all the organising, which made a nice change from my other bands.

Soon, however, it came to an end. Zac got married, Matthew moved to London and Will went to college in Bristol. After this Matt formed The Action Time (and later The Black Time) and toured all over the world, while Will carried on with his label, Invisible Spies, and now records under the name Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, and does quite well at it. What a lovely band this was.

Frownland EP
Ashtray Heart
Each Pillow Is Tethered Like A Rock
Cardboard Cutout Sundown: The Sorted Records Anthology, Vol. 2
Orange Claw Hammer: The Sorted Records Anthology, Vol. 3

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