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Blog: Greetings B3tards!

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The B3ta newsletter's just gone out with a mention of the Gay Train video in it, and we've just had the traditional B3TA SPURT of people coming over to see us as a result, and so i say unto them: HELLO B3TARDS! WELCOME!

If you're excitingly new to the site, do feel free to stick around a while and see what we've got to offer. There's TONS of other songs to listen to on our MYSPACE page and in our DOWNLOADS section. There's all sorts of articles to read, as well as LYRICS and detailed NOTES for a frankly TERRIFYINGLY HUGE number of songs, and you can even LOOK UPON OUR BEAUTY if you wish.

And when you've finished that you can always pop along and see one of our GIGS if you like, and maybe even treat yourself to some of our fashionably priced merchandise - if you want a CD with The Gay Train itself on, then I'd direct you to WE VALIDATE!, and check out some of the SPECIAL OFFERS and T-SHIRTS if you feel the urge to go on a PAYPAL FRENZY.

Whatever you do, thanks very much indeed to taking the time to come and find us here!

posted 20/10/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Hey, just wanted to let you know I thought "Gay Train" was kinda cute.

Of course, I'm a B3tard.
posted 21/10/2006 by BenPanced

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