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Blog: Whole Lot Of Weekend

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Happy Bank Holidays one and all! Well, at least to those of you who are enjoying this FINE [non-sarcastic] holiday weather. I personally am taking advantage of the sudden SUNSHINE ATAK by... er... sitting indoors on the computer, cleaning up tracks for the solo album. It's what Summer is THERE for!

It's been a very big get up and get out kind of weekend so far though. On Friday I scooted off to PETERBOROUGH for my annual pilgrimage to The Peterborough Beer Festival which was, as ever, BRILLIANT. I hung around with FAMILY and OLD PALS, drank some GRATE beer (those GOLDEN RULES, they really work!) and got my highest score on Seeing People I Haven't Seen For Years EVER by finding Mr Sanjiv Bali, who I went to Junior and Senior School with, lived round the corner from in Leicester, then haven't seen for 16 years. It was LOVELY to see him, also a bit weird as within 10 seconds he was taking the piss (he hasn't changed, it appears) and I was leaning on him and calling him Sanj. HOORAH!

I awoke Saturday feeling less DRUNKENED than for many a year, also very PROUD of myself for Not Drinking Ludicrously, and headed home a BATH and some more RECORDING. On Sunday we headed out on an EXPEDITION to the Epping Ongar Railway, which is the RESTORED version of the old shuttle service that used to run at the end of the Central line until 1994. It was LOVELY - i must say, after my THIRD volunteer restored railway service of the year i am getting QUITE the taste for it, especially as this one ALSO was full of DELICIOUS BEER. We went there and back from Epping Station on an old double decker, went up and down the line a few times on a GROOVY old train, looked at some Steam Engines, talked in a MANLY FASHION about ENGINES to some BLOKES, and generally had a WHOLESOME time of it.

The Piston In My Engine and i stayed aboard the Central Line heading homewards (upon which I had had to STOP myself from thinking "Ooh, look at the way these old trains are MADE, you don't get that these days... oh, hang on" ALL THE TIME) and headed back into Central London, where we went to see Jim'll's Brain playing at one of these regular afternoon GIGS that seem to occur with alarming regularity in the Clerkenwell area. He was only doing a few songs, but the few he did were, as ever, GRATE, also LOVELY - the lack of blue face paint this time made the touching songs even more touching, and the FACT that he LOOKED like the sort of person who would NORMALLY play these sort of gigs and take ANY opportunity to play for MUCH longer than was necessary made the sudden SHORTNESS and desire to STOP before you'd had ENOUGH, let alone MORE than ENOUGH stand out even MORE. It was GRATE! We also had a chat to Jim'll and Mrs Jim'll after, who turned out to be a LOVELY as you'd have hoped. HOORAH!

So, a lovely weekend all round so far, and this afternoon I'm off to DERBY for a band meeting and a practice - there will be DISCUSSION, DECISION, and also ROCK: more news on what occurs, TOMORROW!

posted 27/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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