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Back back again to The Lamb last night for Totally Acoustic, walking in to find a bunch of my REGULARS already on the BEER. My usual PROMOTER PANIC became PROMOTER PARANOIA this time as i somehow managed to CONVINCE myself that Jimmy (of Jimmy from Bobby McGees fame and thus The Guest ARTISTE) wasn't going to come. In this age of TEXTING and THAT the fact that I'd not heard from him FOR A WEEK made me absolutely certain that something had gone wrong... so when he arrived just after 7pm i was INCREDIBLY RELIEVED.

We had a Mass Room Setting Up as people came upstairs just as I was moving tables, so everyone PITCHED IN, which was rather lovely, and then there was CHAT, also BEER. I always think that The Lamb is a LOVELY pub, and that the only thing which could make it better would be if they had some different beers on occasionally. Last night they not only HAD different beer, but it was Deuchar's IPA! HOOPLA! Thus, i HAD some of it, and ended up chatting to the barman about BEER and so forth. What a GRATE pub!

Soon it was time to FLY into action, and for my first set i did Something A Bit Different i.e. tried out the first CHUNK of My Exciting Life In ROCK, bookended by We're Old And We're Tired (and we want to go home) and I Did A Gig In New York. I THINK it went OK - it might have been a bit long, and perhaps The Davina McCall Joke will be OMITTED in future, but I think it'll be all right. As per my Foolish Fears that ANYTHING i ever do will seem to POLISHED and SLICK were ill founded.

Then Jimmy took to the floor, and was absolutely fantastic. He's got a BRILLIANT way about him when he's in front of an audience, and people were RAPT with attention for his songs and the stories between them. It was FUNNY, it was a bit RUDE, and it was really rather TOUCHING - Jimmy, and indeed The Bobby McGees in BAND format - are so EXCITING and THRILLING to see live that sometimes I forget that a lot of the songs themselves are really MOVING. "Harold & Maude", especially, was lovely.

It's always GRATE when someone you like is REALLY REALLY GOOD, and I was PROUD of my old PAL, and was stood at the bar at half-time with a GIGANTIC GRIN plastered all over my face. Oh yes, if you've not seen The Bobby McGees I would really really really really REALLY recommend you do so at your earliest opportunity.

After that it was me back on again, slightly more lubricated, and i did THIS:
  • The Gay Train
  • The Ballad Of Alan Moore
  • It Isn't Jetpacks
  • We'll See What We Can Do
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Easily Impressed

  • This too seemed to go quite well, with only ONE cock-up, forgetting half a verse in Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid. DEBUT songs The Ballad Of Alan Moore and It Isn't Jetpacks seemed to work quite well too - I was especially unsure how the LATTER would go down, lacking as it does a chorus until the end, but it felt pretty GOOD. I also enjoyed re-re-re-telling The Nick Cave Anecdote, as Jimmy had done a similar Brighton Celebrity Story earlier about Fat Boy Slim.

    When all was done and dusted there was MORE beer, more DISCUSSION, and more Getting A Bit Excited About Edinburgh. It was a LOVELY night, full of LOVELY people. HOORAH!

    posted 19/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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