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Blog: It Only Works Because You're Here

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You find me sat at home still, having recently finished a MANLY conversation with the BT Engineer during which i managed - but ONLY JUST - to NOT say "It only works because you're here", for LO! our Broadband has been broken all week, only to start working again an HOUR before the engineer came round. I've spent much of this week on the phone to very POLITE, very HELPFUL call centre operatives in Indie, who became progressively MORE annoying over the course of a few days when EVERY SINGLE TIME I RANG we had to go through ten minutes of "and have you turned the router ON?". After Escalating The Issue To The Engineering Department the Engineering Department he says "DUNNO". Apparently they sometimes need to switch things on and switch them off again to get things to work.

STILL, it does mean I've had a spare couple of hours to finish off the video to the aforesaid song, which is looking PRETTY NIFTY now I must say. I'm just uploading it for VLADS approval, but hopefully that'll be it sorted... and then we just have to wait a few weeks before I can release it into the WILD!

posted 12/6/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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oo a video for IOWBYH you say - i'll get that posted/DIGG'd round the internets
posted 12/6/2008 by jaunty alan

that is possibly the Best. Typo. Ever.
posted 12/6/2008 by CarsmileSteve

What do you mean? My call centre is INDIE, isn't yours?

Alan: Don't worry, when it's finished EVERYONE will be alerted!! Ta!
posted 12/6/2008 by MJ Hibbett

more importantly - did you snog the BT engineer as a result?
posted 13/6/2008 by Francis

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