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Blog: Question Time

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To finish off last week's STAT ATAK, there were a few questions that require answers. Allow me to slip on dressing gown, slide into an armchair with a decent brandy, and answer them as follows:

I am indebted to Mr Jon H who asks "Cleator Moor Validators in a Flat???? What business do you have knowing about the one horse Cumbrian town, and home of my Grandparents?" My dear Mr H, the term "Cleator Moor Validators" is used to describe the version of The Validators consisting only of Mr T Pattison [drums], Mr T "Tiger" MacClure [violin] and myself. A little while ago the three of us played a concert in Cleator Moor which was so eventful/amazing/drunken that we took the name to describe us ever more. The full description is HERE. It was a night that will live on in our personal legends FOREVER.

Next, Mr Ray K asks "how come the only 2 places counted as seperate that are in the same county happen to be in the West Midlands? Have i rumbled a That London-based conspiracy against the fine county of my origin?" This would indeed have been a shocking act, if true, but fortunately there are wholesome reasons for this apparent discrpenacy. Stourbridge gets its own code in the DATABASE OF ROCK because it's somewhere I've played LOADS of times and is an allied but DIFFERENT place from Birmingham or The West Midlands as a whole whereas LONDON gigs are usually of a pretty LONDON-y nature. I COULD re-code them as happening in "Camden", "Brixton", "Bloody Shoreditch" and so forth if I wanted to but, to be honest, I can't be bothered. ALSO, as shown in the longer list of ALL places I've ever played gigs in, there's LOADS of places that share counties with each other but are coded seperately in the DATABASE OF ROCK, it's just that I didn't play them in 2008.

And finally, Mr Dan H (any relation to Jon, I wonder?) remarks "So, there are approximately 556 people on your mailing list, for whom you have postcodes". Yes, Dan, there are! EXCELLENT MATH!

I hope that's a) answers all your questions sufficiently and b) satisfies anyone's lingering need for CYRIL FLETCHERISMS, though if anyone has any further queries do please ask!

posted 12/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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