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Blog: Executive Production

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The final section of the ascent of MOUNT ALBUM continued last night, as Producer Pattison was back in the studio, this time with Mr R Newman (engineering) and Mr T 'The Tiger' MacClure (making sure nobody deleted any violins). When I was a younger person I'd often wonder what the difference was between Engineer and Producer, but now of course I know full well - the Engineer turns things up and down and while the Producer drinks beer/coffee/tequila, and reads magazines. Sometimes he will pop to the shops for some crisps, although Phil Spector, I believe, had someone to do this for him.

The real mystery, however, has always been the role of Executive Producer. Surely, I used to think, this is a vanity title given to a long serving record company boss, or occasionally to a celebrity who they wish to have associated with the resulting work? HOW WRONG I WAS. It turns out that the Executive Producer does pretty much ALL THE WORK.

Take last night for instance. While Producer Pattison was lounging around in the comfort of Snug Studios, Derby, leafing through Empire Magazine and occasional barking orders across the room the Executive Producer (ME) was TOILING away in the East End of London. It may have LOOKED like I was re-heating last night's curry but ACTUALLY I was poised, PANTHER-LIKE, for THE CALL that would come from The Midlands. Sure enough the phone rang, and i LEAPT into action - Tim had not taken the most recent copy of The Spreadsheet Of Finality (the final final final list of Things To Do with the Penultimixes) and needed me to log on, download it, and read it out to him. This I did - some would say TERRIFICALLY, but I am too humble to pass such judgement.

PHEW! ALBUM SAVED! I managed to keep this level of INVOLVEMENT up all night. For instance, it might have LOOKED like I was sat in bed watching Doctor Who (series 4 is EVEN MORE GRATE than I remember! HOORAH!) but I was actually THINKING HARD THORTS about how we might do the album booklet. And yes, though TECHNICALLY I had gone to sleep LONG before Tim, Rob or Tom packed up for the night, i DID leave my telephone on, should they need me. I think.

posted 13/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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