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We had some people round our house on Friday night - I think it's fair to say it was a SOIREE.

I got loads of WHISKY for Christmas, which was ACE, but as I sat and sipped a single malt the other night I thought "Actually, part of the fun of Whisky is trying lots of different types with a variety of COVES, saying 'yes yes, peaty, with a hint of petrol' - how can i ENGINEER such a situation?" Shortly after THAT i went to the Writers' Group and thought how HANDY it would be to have a readthrough of the album script for Dinosaur Planet and INSPIRATION struck: I could feed two birds with one CRUDITE!

Thus we got in a batch of NIBBLES and BOOZE and invited round the various Department Heads of the Dinosaur Planet Multi-Media Conglomerate - Mr T "The Tiger" McClure (album production), Mr J Kell (Animation) and Mr S Hewitt (stage). Along with Mrs M Hewitt, The Landlady, and The Guests On My Guestlist we had a DELIGHTFUL DINNER PARTY in the offing!

The only GLITCH was that I got POORLY. My GP put me on antibiotics so I STEELED myself for Not Drinking At My Own DO. People on twitter told me that, actually, that was an urban myth and that you could quite happily DRINK in combination with most antibiotics (and mine, Flucloxacillin, is one that apparently it's OK with) but I thought I'd try and NOT booze it up anyway. I Know What I Am Like: one SNIFTER very easily becomes A Tour Of All The Distilleries, and anyway being STONE COLD SOBER meant I didn't drop ANY trays of Individual Fruit Pies, which is the KEY to Party Success.

So we gently gathered, had some chat, some drink, some grub, and then did The Readthrough. I'd allocated PARTS to everybody and we did it in two halfs (with The Arrival Of The Giant Robots marking the split) with a break in the middle, then at the end had a Discussion. I thought it might throw up some IDEAS and GOOD GOLLY it did - just HEARING it all spoken out loud made me realise which lines worked and which didn't, and having six other BRANES listening to it showed up all sorts of bits that needed trimming, or adding, or changing altogether. John especially got STUCK IN, but everybody pitched in with THORTS, which led to a very productive Sunday afternoon doing RE-WRITES. I think my favourite bit is getting the DIMETRODON (not technically a dinosaur, but COOL) into For The Fate Of The Earth but there were several other little touches that, I think, tie it all together a lot more tightly.

But that was in the future, as on Friday night we still had some JOLLITY to do before most of our guests retired to catch their train. In HORROR I realised, just before they got their coats on, that I hadn't got the whisky out yet, so forced a couple of GLUGS into The Tiger, as he was staying over. That was half the point of the evening!

posted 25/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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In the interests of medical SAFETY you should perhaps point out that any antibiotics in the Nitroimidazole family are VERY BAD if you drink alcohol. That's how they invented Antabuse!
posted 25/1/2010 by Anonymous

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