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EAGLE EYED types may have noticed yesterday that the links I included to some of the SINGLES that will make up "Forest Moon Of Enderby" led away to a similiar, but ever so slightly DIFFERENT webpage.

For LO! It goes over to, the current home for the NEW VERSION of the website, which I have been going on about of later. If you pop over for a look you'll see that is EERILY SIMILAR to the current version (the changes so far are in substance, not style hem hem) , though there are a couple of ADDITIONS already in place that I think are quite GROOVY. My favourite is the HUGE improvement to the individual song pages. If you look at Work's All Right (if it's a proper job), for instance, you'll see that not only are the notes AND lyrics held together in the same convenient location, but you can now see all the GIGS that this song was played at. COOL, huh?

You might also care to take a look at the Slight Different version of the individual blog pages, which should now be a bit easier to navigate around, and also have a EVER SO FUNKY "Crossword Clue" anti-spam METHOD to the comments page. I must confess I thought that that was TERRIBLY clever!

As I said the other day, there's LOADS of things I want to add to it, and there's also quite a lot of stuff I haven't finished off yet - the Discography, for instance, has some work left to do on it. However, i THINK it's pretty much SAFE for people to go and have a look at, so I'd be very grateful if people COULD, please.

I'd like to switch and over to this new version over the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend (largely because that's when BLOGGER will stop me doing these blogs in the old fashioned way!) so any thoughts or comments before then would be VERY welcome. If you find a broken link don't worry about telling me, I've got the server set up to ALERT me automatically, but if there's anything else you think could be better (or indeed that you think is DELIGHTFUL) do please let me know by leaving the aforesaid COMMENTS on the new version of this very blog.

Hope you like it!

posted 23/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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