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Blog: The Read Through

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The Trains On My Line and i headed out on Saturday afternoon for not very distant South Tottenham on Saturday, to attend that hallowed institution of Us Getting Ready For Edinburgh: THE READ THROUGH.

I say "hallowed" - we did it last year, but it feels like an Exciting Part of the whole preparations, and THIS time it was even MORE exciting, as it was taking place at Hewitt Hall - where there is a CAT! ZANG!

It was an DELIGHTFUL afternoon, even the bits that DIDN'T involve me and/or The Lines In My Script looking/stroking/gazing longingly at/planning to kidnap PUSKAS the cat. Oh, there were nibbles, there were drinks, and there was PHOTOGRAPHS! For LO! our first job of the day was to get our pictures taken, first a couple of SNAPS for one of the proposed Dinosaur Planet album EXTRAS ("Play In A Day The Dinosaur Way") and then the all important PUBLICITY PICS. As ever The Memory Card In My Digital Camera was on hand to take them, and I think they came out RATHER WELL - you can see for yourself over on the rather snazzy new Moon Horse website which I done make. NICE, isn't it?

With that done, and more nibbles nibbled, we launched into the readthrough, performing the whole thing for Mrs M Hewitt and The Members Of My Audience, utilising nearly ALL of the PROPS for the first time. It seemed to go down pretty well - there were LARFS, there were ENCOURAGING SMILES, and at the end there was a lengthy discussion during which Many Excellent Points were made. The main thing was to make various aspects a bit CLEARER and to maybe TRIM some bits down, which I shall be attempting to sort out this week.

It was a LOVELY afternoon all round, and as we wobbled off back to the Overground for home I couldn't help but feel a bit EXCITED about it. Moon Horse is on the way!

posted 5/4/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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