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Blog: The Start Of The Final Furlong

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I had a slight feeling of melancholy on Friday when I arrived at St Pancras on Friday. This was partly because I knew we were heading off for the final run of Moon Horse shows - a show which I'm really going to miss - and partly, it must be said, because of the lingering hangover from the night before's Totally Acoustic.

Mostly though I was EXCITED - yes, this was the last batch of shows, but what an ACE way to go out! Playing the Leicester Comedy Festival is one of my FAVOURITE gigs as it's always MAXIMUM GOOD TIMES, and by the time we got to this fair city and checked into The Ibis (we had, of course, Our Usual Suites) I was ready to ROCK!

Rolling up at The Criterion felt like coming home again, and I was reminded one again what a FRIENDLY place Leicester is when someone waved us over to share his table. The pub was full but, he said "I'm off soon so you might as well get a seat". We met this year's batch of students too who, as ever, were LOVELY. One of the MANY brilliant things about playing the Criterion is that you get a band of STUDENTS to help you out as part of their course, so all me and Steve have to do is LOLL about, which we did to the best of our (CONSIDERABLE) abilities.

There was a brief break in the LOLLING for - AHA! - some LOLS, when we did a brief interview for Demon FM, the student radio station, during which Steve tried to give sensible answers and i SHOWED OFF. The longer we do this the more we turn into Little & Large...

And soon it was SHOWTIME, and we had a a) FUN b) EXHAUSTING hour. There's a little stage in The Criterion now, so we went FULL PELT for the dancing section, and the audience was WELL UP FOR LARFS, which made the whole thing a DELIGHT to do. We went a bit wrong 2/3 of the way through with forgetting some of CHUNKS of a couple of songs but we do have quite a lot of EXPERIENCE of that now, so got through fine, and I must say THOROUGHLY enjoyed ourselves!

After a bit of chatting we found ourselves with some time to spare and so decided to sammple a couple of OTHER Leicester pubs and so ended up revisiting The Swan & Rushes (where I was slightly FREAKED to find the chap who used to run the much-missed Pump & Tap now behind the bar) and the NEW place The Pub, where we each had a different AMAZING beer.

It was a GORGEOUS first night in Leicester - a beautiful city!

posted 13/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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