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Blog: The Future And The Past And The Now

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You find me standing at a NEXUS today as things of the NOW and TOMORROW float around each other like the stars around a cartoon character struck by an ANVIL.

Most pressing on my mind at present is the fact that tonight is the LAST Totally Acoustic for the forseeable future (with Mr Pete Green and Mr James Agnew, me onstage at 7:30pm, come along!). There'll be a few more podcasts to come, as I go through and pick out as-yet-unbroadcast EXTRA SONGS from the past series, but the plan is to lay the LIVE GIGS to rest, at LEAST until next year, while I concentrate on my forthcoming MA course. I do feel sad to be stopping (or, hopefully PAUSING) as I bloody love doing these gigs, but I've got to RING FENCE some time to do HOMEWORK!

Before the course kicks off, however, there's still some Dinosaur Planet ACTION to do. As I think I've previously mentioned, we're going to be releasing "Dinosaur Planet (REDUX)" in a couple of weeks, a SPECIAL version of the album for those TIMID souls who couldn't handle the SCIENCE FICTION THRILLPOWER of the original version. It's all very jolly - there's a SMASHING website coming for it, new LESS ALARMING mixes of some of the songs, and a press release which Mr FA Machine has said is "DROLL". I'm more pleased about this last thing than pretty much anything else to do with it, not least because I've spent a week trying to write it, WORRYING in case it comes across as BELLIGERENT.

Then after that there's the video for Don't, Darren, Don't, which will again feature the artwork of the marvellous John Allison. It's looking GORGEOUS so far, and I'm actively looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks EDITING it together.

And in the DISTANT future, things are processing INCREDIBLY well on the next show, which we won't even be PERFORMING until TWENTY THIRTEEN!!! I think I've got at LEAST half of it written with about SIX new songs already, including a LOVELY one called "I Dream Of Superheroes" which HAUNTS MY DREAMZ. It also features a lovely song by a Formby-esque character about coaxing kittens down from high places, called "Come On Pussy". It's going to be a DELIGHT!

posted 14/6/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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