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Blog: Totally Acoustic: The Finale

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Last night was the final Totally Acoustic of the current run, and I arrived at The King & Queen to find it RAMMED. "Corks! I thought, Mr Pete Green and/or Mr James Agnew" (NB I think VERY POLITELY) "certainly have a lot of fans. And they all appear to be... Italian?"

For LO! they were actually there to watch the football. Later on the Italians would leave and the bar would be RE-RAMMED with hordes of Irish and Spanish fans - upstairs we could hear the singing of "OLE OLE OLE!" for most of the second half! It's one of the wonderful things about That London during International Competitions, you suddenly become aware of all the different nationalities getting DRUNKENED and happy/consoling each other in our Mighty Metropolis. Wonderfully, even tho it was PACKED for most of the night, BAR SERVICE remained at the high standard we have come to expect from The King & Queen i.e. VERY HIGH INDEED. This was useful, as BEER was to be taken!

Our ACTS arrived well on time, the tables were set out, regulars Mr J Kell, Mr S Hewitt (with not one but TWO Mrs Hewitts!) and The Players In My Team arrived, and soon we were ready to kick off. I went first, as ever, and did THIS:

  • Totally Acoustic
  • Good Cooking
  • I Dream Of Superheroes
  • One Monday Morning
  • Billy Jones Is Dead
  • Hey Hey 16K

  • I did Good Cooking because Mr G Williams had requested it a couple of weeks ago - the fact that he couldn't make this gig in the end should not distract from the fact that I WHOLLY SUPPORT the idea of requesting songs two weeks in advance, as that's how long it takes me to learn them! I also did a couple of songs I'd NEVER DONE LIVE BEFORE. I Dream Of Superheroes is from the NEW SHOW I'm writing, and as it'd been in my head all day I thought I'd have a crack at it, while One Monday Morning was a cover, which I'd originally worked out as part of a BIRTHDAY PRESENT for Mr Green. It all seemed to go all right, though doing THREE songs in a row that I didn't really know properly was a bit scary!

    Next up was James Agnew, who'd fortuitously got in touch with me JUST when I'd started wondering who to put on for this gig. It's nice when The Gods Of Rock take a hand in BOOKING, and they did really well this time, as he did ACE songs about A Wide Variety Of Topics - something I'm a BIG fan of. It was FAB!

    And last of all was Pete himself - the only person, surely, who i COULD have got to end the series. He played the first ever official Totally Acoustic and has since played more than ANYONE else, and he did us proud last night. I did feel a bit guilty when he said he'd been practicing "One Monday Morning" HIMSELF especially for the show, but I'm sure I asked his permission last time we met. To be fair though, BEER had been involved, so perhaps i DREAMT it?

    When all was done BEER became involved once again as farewells were said and the performers and pals drew round a table for CHAT. I'm quite happy to let these gigs REST for a bit, but the thing I really WILL miss about them is this bit afterwards. Normally, when the gig is over, everyone CLEARS OFF almost straight away, so you don't get much chance for a good old YAK like this, especially with pals from ROCK, so it always feels a bit SPECIAL. I have often wondered about organising a get together of such pals WITHOUT spoiling things with a gigs, maybe this'll be the thing to fill in the Totally Acoustic-gap?

    It was a lovely evening all round, as I hope will be reflected in the PODCAST. I'm planning to sort this out over the weekend, and then there should be at LEAST one, maybe TWO more to come. There's an awful lot of good stuff I've been saving for some COMPILATION shows!

    posted 15/6/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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