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Blog: Edit Suite Antics

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I spent a delightful few hours over the weekend HUNCHED over editing software, putting together the last live-recorded Totally Acoustic Podcast, based on last Thursday's gig with Mr James Agnew and Mr Pete Green. I always enjoy doing these - partly because I get a STRANGE THRILL from EDITING smoothly (MAN I wish I could edit out all my UMS, AAAHS, STUTTERING and STUPID REMARKS as easily in real-life as I do for the podcast!) but mostly for the JOY of hearing sets again. At the live shows I'm often a bit preoccupied by THORTS of audience happiness/numbers, remembering the whip round, checking the four-track's working, needing a WEE, needing a BEER etc etc so don't always get the full FORCE of the performance, so it's a SPECIAL TREAT to be able to listen to it all over again, and this time was no exception. Go on, have a listen, it's ACE!

As I've said several times, this'll be the LAST live show for a while, but there WILL be one or two more PODCASTS. I've got a year's worth of show recordings, going back to last July's gig with A Fine Day For Saying and Dave Barnett, ALL of which have extra tracks I want to use, so I'll be doing a couple of COMPILATION shows to use them up. There's some GRATE stuff to come and hopefully more new shows next year, so hey! Why not subscribe to our RSS feed (or do the similar on iTunes)? Then you won't miss a wonderful moment!

posted 18/6/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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