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Blog: The (almost) End Of An Era

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On Thursday I arrived at the main City University building as I have so many times before and, as I have done every time i've been in ANY of their buildings, had to have four goes to get my swipe card the right way round to get through the gates. I think the reason for this is the Incredibly Useless Diagram on all of these gates which shows a picture OF a swipecard which could be interpreted in... well, pretty much four different ways. Or maybe you just have to swipe it through four times?

Anyway, I was there for potentially the FINAL time to hand in my final piece of course work, the "Own Play Or Script" that I've spent much of the past year working on. I pretty much finished the final draft back in March and have since been gently tinkering with it, but as I'm starting an INTERNSHIP next week I thought it was about time I finally finalised it and handed it over. Thus I'd been to a print shop and got a batch of copies done (with Plastic Sheet on the cover - CLASSY) and made the trip to Angel to hand it over.

I had to hand over two copies, and so filled in two brief forms, passed them over and... that was it! No fireworks, no fanfare, no marching band or WEEPING LECTURERS begging me to stay, just a lady putting my scripts in a cardboard box and saying "thanks". As I left I thought about how quickly it's gone by - it only seems a couple of weeks since I was sat in The Parcel Yard in Kings Cross, PANICKING about whether it'd be all right, and here I was two years later with it all DONE.

It'll be at least October, I think, before I find out my grades, and hopefully there'll be at least one meeting/piss-up with old school chums between now and then, but walking back up to Angel it felt like a Major Milestone had been passed. I know that there's exciting things to come with The Writing, but I've had such a GRATE time doing this course, learning stuff, meeting lovely people, and doing The Writing, that i felt a bit BEREFT to be leaving it behind.

Still, I've got a whole batch of SCRIPTS and I've also got this VIDEO below - it's an EXCERPT from my script, what was performed at our showcase event a few weeks ago, and filmed by Mr Donald Eke. It's all bit frenetic, but then I guess that's how I wrote it!

posted 15/8/2014 by MJ Hibbett

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