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Blog: The Curse Of Totally Acoustic

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The last series of Totally Acoustic was RIDDLED with illness, as nearly every time someone was unable to perform due to being poorly, so I was hoping that THIS series would be a bit healthier.

No such luck, for on Thursday morning I got an email from Mr S Love, saying he wouldn't be able to play due to Food Poisoning. I'd been following the progress of his illness on twitter, so was aware HOW poorly he was but I'd hoped he'd be better in time for the gig as I was RIGHT looking forward to seeing him. We've got him coming back in May, hopefully he'll be at peak fitness then!

The show must go on though, and I thought we'd probably be OK with A Little Orchestra and Model Village both still GO for GIG. SPOILERS: we were!

I rolled up at The King & Queen to find a VERY clean shaven Mr S Hewitt waiting for me - he's had a big old bushy beard of late, but decided to remove it for the purposes of ART i.e. he's playing a 15 year old version of ME in the new show, and as far as I recall I didn't have a big old bushy beard back then. I saluted his commitment, also his youthful new look - he doesn't look a day over 39!

More people arrived, the room was put into order, and those of us singing with A Little Orchestra had a quick practice before it was suddenly SHOW TIME and me (and Steve) went on first and did THIS:
  • Totally Acoustic
  • Back For Good
  • History's Re-written
  • I Think You Might Be Me
  • The Future Is Amazing
  • It Only Works Because You're here
  • We Can Start Having Fun

  • Starting with a cover version seems odd, but it seemed to work OK, and then Steve joined me to DEBUT three of the songs from Hey Hey 16K. It was a little bit confusing having to try and explain what was going on, but I think it was all right, and did at least get some LARFS!

    After that A Little Orchestra came on to do It Only Works Because You're here featuring Mr S Hewitt on vocals. Well, he's been SUCH a good boy with learning his lines this year that I thought he deserved a treat, and OH BOY did he give every appearance of enjoying it! It's hardly surprising - singing with A Little Orchestra is BRILL, as I found once again when I did We Can Start Having Fun next. It was a New Arrangement by Mr A Hudson which sounded LOVELY, as you'll hopefully hear in the podcast!

    After a break it was time for Model Village who were, as per, GRATE. It was mostly new material which they haven't even recorded yet, and as most of the songs apparently don't have titles that means I'll get to choose my own when I edit the podcast! They finished with "Josefina", which also features A Little Orchestra and which i hope will ALSO get into the podcast.

    When they finished I realised with glee that it was only 9pm, which meant there was time for another pint before heading home at an EXTREMELY civilised hour,for LO! the next day we were off to LEICESTER and a WORLD PREMIERE!!

    posted 9/2/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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