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Blog: Back To Work

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About 18 months ago my old job finished and, FLUSHED with a small pay-off. I decided to have some time OFF. After approx 23 years of working I thought it might be quite good fun and - NEWSFLASH - I was not incorrect! I got to spend all day doing LOADS of exciting and fun things without having to get on a TOOB into town to sit at a desk while pesky people asked me to do OTHER things.

It has been a DELIGHT, with the only slight downside being the lack of MONEY. The vague idea was that I'd make CA$H from The Writing and though this has happened a little bit it hasn't happened sufficiently to support me. To be honest, it hasn't happened sufficiently to even support a very small insect on a diet (last week's prize money basically QUADRUPLED how much I've earnt in my time off!) and so I thought it was probably time to go back to PAID work.

So it was that I sat down to look at, the Universities' job vacancy site - after all this time I am pretty much RUINED for working in The Private Sector, and also I really really wanted to get back on the University PENSION scheme. When I say "really really" I mean "really REALLY really" - I am actually quite EXCITED about it!

I found a job which appeared to be similar to my last job but a) on a project that was still GOING b) with lots of different things going on and c) in a small team, so I applied and got an INTERVIEW! The first part of it seemed to go very well - it was FUN actually, as it turns out that going on about The Projects What I Did is something I enjoy - but then I had to sit a TEST. A WRITTEN test, with pen and paper! The first two questions on it filled me with DREAD as they were TECHNICAL e.g. one asked the difference between a clustered and non-clustered index. Luckily in the interview I had mentioned the fact that I am WAY behind with current thinking and/or terminilogy so was able to say so and have a (incorrect, as i later discovered) guess. The rest of the test involved DATA DIAGRAMS tho, which is something i have been known to do on my own time for FUN!

To cut an ALREADY almost too fascinating story short, the next day they offered me the job and I said YES PLEASE! So it is that as of October 12th I shall be an employee of Imperial College, travelling out to WHITE CITY every day. It'll mean more commuting time but hopefully that'll in turn mean that I can get back to BOOKS and listening to MUSIC again. It'll also mean a bit less time for The Writing, so I'm planning to spend the next week finishing off a TONNE of things!

It's all quite exciting - this is, basically, only the third proper job I've ever had!

posted 2/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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