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Blog: Totally Acoustic Begins Again

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On Thursday night last week The Shows On My Schedule and I found ourselves once more in the comforting environs of The King & Queen in London's fashionable LONDON area of London for the first in the new series of Totally Acoustic. Amazingly it's been four month since the last show but as soon as we trooped upstairs, alongside Mr S Hewitt, it felt like we'd never been away.

The three of us set the chairs out then went downstairs to await our first two ACTS, Mr Ben Cosh and Mr David Callahan, who arrived in good time, ready for ACTION. Our third act, Mr Steve Lamacq, would arrive a little later as he had WORK round the corner at The BBC.

The room filled very nicely, including a RECORD BREAKING number of Totally Acoustic alumni including Mr Tim Eveleigh, Ms Jenny Lockyer and, down for the evening from Derby, Mr FA Machine! We began, as ever, with The Theme Tune and then I did a couple of songs - I was originally intending not to play at ALL for this series, as we have plenty of guest acts, but then I thought a) this would mean less SHOWING OFF for me but also b) it's a bit unfair to force someone ELSE to kick off the evening. Not that I need have worried as Ben Cosh came straight on and won over the whole room by being GRATE, either on his own or with his wife Amy singing lullabies. It was brilliant!

As indeed was David Callahan i.e. him out of The Wolfhounds who kicked off with an acapella song and then some ace songs featuring a TONNE of twiddly bits - in this case CATCHY twiddly bits that I found myself singing all the way home!

Finally Steve Lamacq got up and told some STORIES - he said he'd been nervous about it beforehand, but this did not seem apparent once he got up and got going. It was ACE - apparently this is going to form the basis of a one-man show somewhere along the line and I personally CANNAE WAIT.

And then that was it. All that was left to do was have another BEER and a YACK and then head out into the night, very happy with how the new series had begun. You don't have to take my word for all this though, for LO! the PODCAST of it all is available to download right NOW over on the Totally Acoustic site!

posted 5/10/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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