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Blog: A Lovely Evening

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In the lead up to last night's Totally Acoustic I'd been a bit worried about whether anybody would come. The first week of the year is traditionally QUIET as everyone recovers from the EXPENSE and EXCESS of Christmas, so I thought it might be difficult to get people to come. As it turned out this was one of the busiest shows we've EVER had, largely due to the ACTS but also, I think, because people had already had enough of Social Austerity and wanted to come out to have some FUN!

Fun was VERY much in evidence during what turned out to be a BRILLIANT evening, with Ms Jenny Lockyer, Mr Matt Tiller and The Indelicates all turning in fantastic sets. As I always say, when you stick acts who know what they're doing in a room full of friendly people you really really don't NEED anything else apart from instruments, some songs and some CHAT to have a great time. It was ACE!

It was also very SOCIAL as all SORTS of people I'd not seen for ages turned up, including Mr D Perkins of the official Best Band I've Ever Seen Live, The Frightened Prisoners Of The Kraken, and Mr Alex Lawson who I know from his fanzine and GOOD TIMES in Sheffield but who is now an Actual Proper Journalist. I know a few people who have escalated their situation from writing fanzines to actually getting PAID to write things, including Actual Proper Journalist Mr James Walsh who was also in attendance, and it always makes me PROUD. Maybe I should ask them for some TIPS on this whole MONEY thing though?

Meanwhile I got to continue my SCHEME of recent Totally Acoustic seasons by gigging with Bands I've Known At One Remove For YEARS But Have Rarely Played with. This time it was The Indelicates, who once again proved my theory that it's always the NICE people who form bands for the RIGHT reasons that STAY in bands. You get an awful lot of dickheads in bands right at the start, but TIME turns out to be an excellent PILLOCK SIEVE!

So yes, it was a MARVELLOUS evening, although this morning has been quite a lot LESS pleasant. This always seems to happen after Totally Acoustic shows, perhaps I am ALLERGIC to something in the pub? It's the only possible explanation!

posted 8/1/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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You are too kind. When you finally Build That City On Rock And Roll, I will be honoured to be your hod-carrier. I'll get there earlier next time.
posted 8/1/2016 by Dick Perkins

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