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Blog: The Next Email Is To Morrissey And Marr

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We've had some pretty brilliant nights at Totally Acoustic over the years, and CRIKEY last night was amongst the MOST brilliant!

It kicked off in a fairly normal way with ME doing a bunch of songs. I'd actually had a PRACTICE this time, to make sure I actually COULD still sing (where "sing" is relative to my usual ability), what with being a bit un-gigged lately. I did Clubbing In The Week, In The North Stand and, to celebrate the fact that the Hey Hey 16k DVDs had arrived (more - LOTS more - news on that next week!), Mr S Hewitt joined me for a rendition of We Did It Anyway. It seemed to go all right!

After that was Aidy from The British IBM, who was ace. Halfway through his set I suddenly thought "Hang on, have I ever actually SEEN The British IBM?" I don't think I have, something which I ought to rectify!

Next it was Michael from Lazarus Clamp, who I have been meaning to ask for YEARS but somehow never have. It's very odd - every time I make a list of "People To Ask To Play Totally Acoustic" he's been on it, but I never got around to actually ASKING until this time, and I'm SO glad I did because he was excellent. To be honest, as so often happens with Totally Acoustic, I was almost as pleased to see him for a chat beforehand as I was to see him play i.e. Very Pleased!

And then we finished off with Ruth from PO! Ruth from PO!!! When I went to see the film "The Avengers" at the pictures I remember sitting there thinking "Yes, it WOULD be good if there was a film with Iron Man AND Captain America AND Thor in it" and had to keep reminding myself that there was and I was watching it. That's what this gig was like - "Wow," I thought, "Wouldn't it be AMAZING if I could get Ruth from Po! to come to London and play my gig and do a PILE of my favourite songs? Oh, hang on..." I basically sat and grinned like a pillock throughout, as she was AMAZING! She did 'Sunday Never Comes Around'! And 'Look For The Holes!' And 'Appleseed Alley' And ... well, you get the idea. The only downside of the whole set was that I had to struggle NOT to sing along with everything and spoil it - turns out I still remember ALL the words!

Afterwards there were the usual hugs, the usual dishing out of CA$H, the usual BEERS, and also an UNUSUAL secret encore as I came back upstairs to find Ruth playing 'Haunt You'. It was FANTASTIC - though it's going to be a hard job editing down the podcast!

posted 8/4/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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I can't believe I missed the encore! Thanks for a great night, Mark. *sob*
posted 8/4/2016 by Marianthi

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