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Blog: Bank Holiday Superheroes

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For some reason I spent much of Bank Holiday Monday cursed with LETHARGY. I can't think how that can have happened - I had been FULL of beans the night before while drinking BEER in The Brixton Windmill. How is it possible for things to change so quickly?

THUS it seemed like a good idea to go and sit in a large room with several hundred other people and watch superheroes punching lumps out of each other VERY LOUDLY and so that is what I did, heading to my local MULTIPLEX to go and see "Captain America: Civil War." Here is my review: "It was jolly good and had JOKES in it and SPIDER-MAN!!" I liked it a great deal, not least for its best ever Stan Lee cameo, and also because it had SPIDER-MAN in it, being SPIDER-MAN. SPIDER-MAN!

Later that evening I put the telly on to see how the Spurs VS Chelsea match was going - for the benefit of people in the FUTURE (people of the present having had no choice BUT to know EVERYTHING about it), this was the game which COULD have decided the Football Premiership for this season. If Spurs DIDN'T win then Leicester City would be CHAMPIONS and everyone would jump up and down and get excited and possibly be a bit soppy about how much they love Leicester, love Claudio Ranieri and also think maybe it shows that you CAN beat the people with all the money every now again. Or something.

Anyway, by half-time it was 2-0 to Spurs and it seemed that everyone would have to wait ANOTHER week until it was all decided so we turned over and watched some Sunday Evening Family Drama ("The Durrells", which does exactly what you'd want a Sunday Evening Family Drama to do, whether it's a Sunday or not). When it had finished we put the news back on and WOT?!? WOT was HAPPENING?? It seemed that Chelsea had scored twice, the game had been drawn, and LEICESTER CITY were CHAMPIONS!!!

I couldn't believe it - all season the nation had been waiting for the FAIRYTALE to have a GAME OF THRONES ending. Surely THE MAN would crush the plucky midlands team of rejects and Nice Guys? Surely THE TORIES would somehow explode Leicester and stomp on that lovely city's hopes and dreams? Surely the Evil Cabal who own football would say "No no, you've had your fun, but it's time for the Oligarchs to win again now". And yet here we were - thanks to CHELSEA of all horrible teams!

The only downside to the whole thing is that I am now CONVINCED that a) England will win the Euros and b) every player in the squad will turn out to be a rough diamond given a second chance who secretly invests in windfarms, is vegetarian, and enjoys feminist science-fiction. I've a feeling something could go wrong with that prediction, but I'm not quite sure what so for now let me just say HOORAY for Leicester - team AND city!

posted 5/5/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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