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The PROMOTIONAL TREADMILL for Still Valid continued to ROLL on Tuesday night as I sat down to do a SKYPE interview with Trust The Wizards for their podcast.

I had been right looking forward to this as they are LEARNED types but was not expecting the GRILLING wot I got - cor! Some of the questions were DEAD hard, they right taxed my BRANE. My favourite bit was when Mr C Bounds asked about the STRUCTURE of my songs. He'd noticed that some of them start off with an idea, expand upon it, challenge itself in the middle and then have a TWIST at the end. "Some of them" he said. "ALL of them!" I thought. RUMBLED!! I was actually DELIGHTED to talk about this because it is something I have thought about a LOT and do deliberately, but I don't think I've ever had the chance to discuss AUDIBLY!

All the questions invoked LENGTHY answers due to being so INTERESTING but this did in turn lead to problems, as he'd only downloaded the free version of the Skype Recording Software which only did 5 minutes at a time! THUS I had to go back and re-answer a couple of bits, so if, when the podcast is released, it sounds like I am really struggling NOT to say "As I said a minute ago" in various sections, that's because i AM!!

It was GRATE tho, and should be out at the start of next month. My only disappointment with the entire experience was that he was approx 212 miles away so we couldn't go for a pint after. He'd asked me so many questions I felt a bit rude not having asked any back!

posted 10/6/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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Thanks for talking to us Mark. Here's the interview.
posted 4/8/2016 by Chorizo Garbanzo

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