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Blog: Totally Tuesday

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I felt TEMPORALY DISCOMBOBULATED at Totally Acoustic this week, a sensation I put down to the fact that it happened on a TUESDAY rather than the more usual THURSDAY. Either that, or someone had put some BOOZE in my drink, but that sounds very unlikely.

For LO! we had gathered in The King & Queen for a rescheduled day this month - CJ at the pub had suggested moving from our usual Thursday as there was Euro 2016 ACTION scheduled and there was a possibility it might have been an England match. This seems LAUGHABLE now of course, but this was all arranged back in those crazy optimistic days of MAY, so we weren't to know!

Acts, audience and regulars all arrived in good time, and we kicked the show off with me leading everyone through the THEME TUNE as usual before doing (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock and Burn It Down And Start Again. I wasn't intending to DO Burn It Down And Start Again but I asked for requests and somebody shouted for "song 5" on the album, so I thought I ought!

Next up were My Favourite Andy, who were ACE. They'd emailed to ask about a gig, I'd listened to their tracks and thought "These are really good!" and so was DELIGHTED to find that, live, they were ACE. I don't think they'd DONE a gig like Totally Acoustic before either, as they were REVELLING in the freedom of movement, also in the EXCELLENCE of the audience!

After them we had FakeDaveGreen '80s Synth Singalong (feat Denmark Massive) a.k.a. Dave, his friend Rob, and a PILE of instruments including a toy piano that was THROWN to the floor at the end in a fit of ROCK ABANDON. They played a host of 80s synth hits which we all SANG ALONG with (as the name would suggest), helped by song sheets. It was FAB, though I couldn't help noticing that the songs chosen were almost EXACTLY the same as the ones Dave suggested I do WAY back in Christmas 2000 when I played at the Need To Know Christmas Party - I've still got the list and CHORDS somewhere, the only song he omitted was "Move Any Mountain". NEXT time!

Finally Mr Kriss Foster performed a selection of songs from his forthcoming "Very Small Museum" show that he'll be doing at The Fringe. I love Kriss's stuff, as I have remarked many times before, and this time he was precisely as MARVELLOUS as ever i.e. TOTALLY. He passed a box containing museum exhibits (well, pieces of paper in this instance but it'll be ARTEFACTS by the time he gets to Edinburgh) around the room, getting audience members to choose one at random then he told a story and/or sang an associated song. It worked really REALLY well, it almost made me want to go to the Fringe in August!

And that was that for an entirely LOVELY evening. The only DOWNSIDE of the entire experience was, as I say, the TEMPORAL DISCOMBOBULATION waking up next morning thinking it must be Friday and the disappointment of realising it was only Wednesday - back to our usual day of the week next time!

posted 7/7/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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Move Any Mountain? You mean Pro-Gen don't you? It ws an ace night, and I must admit I've had Kriss' "Vimto" song in my head all week.
posted 8/7/2016 by Warren

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