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Blog: Totally Acoustic SE08E11

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Last night was Totally Acoustic night, incredibly the ELEVENTH in the current series. That's a LOT of nights in The King & Queen, which can never be a bad thing!

I arrived to find Mr B Botting and most of his band already arrived, so after a quick chat I took them upstairs so they could have a bit of a practice. I went back to the pub where I discovered Mr J Jervis, that delightful man, and we chatted SO HARD that I almost forgot the time, so showtime itself was nearly upon us before i remembered my responsibilities and was able to greet Mr D Leach and Mr B Dolan (aka Non Canon) and gather everybody upstairs for what would turn out to be an a) busy b) GRATE night.

Not that it was without its SADNESS of course, for Mr S Hewitt was NOT in his usual seat - he is GADDING about in Edinburgh even as we speak - so he was MISSED, especially during the "Ooh" in the Totally Acoustic theme tune. I struggled on manfully, did 20 Things To Do Before You're 30 and (You Make Me Feel) Soft Rock, then introduced David Leach onto the stage. Oh he's VERY good is David, taking the audience firmly yet kindly in the palm of his hand and not letting them go throughout. One of the many things I love about Totally Acoustic is when the audience is all mixed up, so they see people they normally wouldn't, especially when they end up being as ROYALLY won over as they were in this case.

After a short break we returned for Non Canon which, it turns out, is pretty much an acoustical version of his more usual Oxygen Thief moniker. He was ENTHRALLING but what I enjoyed most was his OBSCURE references. "That last song," he said, "was called 'Splinter Of The Minds Eye', which is of course - " He turned to me, and I found myself saying "The Star Wars novel sequel written by Alan Dean Foster." Bearing in mind I often can't remember what DAY it is, I was very impressed by this!

And then our final act was Bill with his backing band, which was something of a minor uk indie celebrity all-star group. I wonder where I've heard that before? Bill was MARVELLOUS and the band were GRATE - we don't often have GUITAR SOLOES at Totally Acoustic, but this was more than made up for during their set! It was a lovely sound, with eight people twanging along together, I could have listened to them all night!

With that done we hugged our goodbyes, doled out the whip round, and then The Cash In My Glass and I headed out into the night. We've got ONE more show left for this run, on the first of September, then we'll be having a two month break before the next series starts. The way I feel today, I think a rest will be needed!

posted 5/8/2016 by MJ Hibbett

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