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Blog: Episode Four: A New Pope

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The fourth episode of the Totally Acoustic VODCAST series is up now, on the Totally Acoustic site, as part of the playlist, and indeed right HERE:

This one features Simon Love and his HEIR, Jenny Lockyer doing a VIDEO-style video, and David Pope from the Just Joans. The presence of David is evidence of one of the big advantages of doing shows this way - I've wanted to get his band on at Totally Acoustic pretty much since it began, but the LOGISTICS of dragging him/them all the way down here for a LIVE show have always made it unlikely. This new way of Gigging From Home, however, means ANYTHING is possible!

All right, maybe not ANYTHING, but a LOT!

It also features ME doing Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer, which fits nicely with all the people now ordering beer online, but does feel a bit like FOLK MUSIC, describing Ye Olden Days when we could GO OUT. Most of my songs seem to be like that now! I'm trying to do fairly short songs, so as to make it easier for people who want to watch the other acts (I did consider putting in details of when they need to fast forward to, but thought that might be A Bit Much!), but for those happy few who like MY stuff I am VERY MUCH open to suggestions about what songs I should do in future. Leave a comment below if you've got any ideas!

posted 7/4/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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