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Today is the launch day for ANOTHER book about superheroes/supervillains and data which features ME banging on about Doctor Doom, for LO! Superheroes and Digital Perspectives: Super data has just been UNLEASHED by Rowan & Littlefield!

The book "examines the intersection of the superhero genre and issues of the internet, data, and digital media to provide not only a posthuman study of the superhero, but also an examination of the ways in which the superhero acts as a lens for our interactions with technology", which I think is all you need to know before running - not walking - to your local interweb connection to buy a copy. It's basically a collection of essays compiled by Sarah Young and Freyja McCreery where various BRANES look at superheroes and data in different ways, with me bringing up the rear with an overview of the METHODOLOGY what I used in Data and Doctor Doom. The postie hasn't turned up with my copy yet, but I am EAGER to get my paws on it, as it looks GRATE!

Like all academic books this one has taken several YEARS to get to this point - I've got two or three other chapters in other books that are at different stages of the process, so apologies in advance if the next year sees a DELUGE of me talking about SUPERHERO DATA in various collections. Over the years I've gotten all excited about various Calls For Papers and for some reason it looks like everything's coming out at around the same time, which to be honest is Quite Good Fun!

I'm off to the letter box now to look out for postie!

posted 15/4/2024 by MJ Hibbett

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