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The Album: A Little Bit

They had it easy in the renaissance
They could invent new branches of science over lunch
But nowadays we work more incrementally
No-one's naming any new elements after us

Because we all do a little bit, that's how we do research
There's teams all round the world doing these little bits of work
We only do a little bit but it's always for the best
Every great leap forward takes a lot of little steps

And no, it isn't very glamorous
We won't make a world-shattering breakthrough
We might find an explanation for gravitic oscillation
But I somehow doubt you'll hear it on the news

Because we all do a little bit but itís a little bit of good
And compared to working for a bank that little bit's enough
We only do a little bit but when you put them in a pot
All these little bits together turn into a lot

Like the movement of tectonic plates
That slowly change the planet
Like the tiny grains of sand that swallow cities
Like the mountains moved by rain drops
Or the jungle moved by ants
That's why my thesis isn't finished

Some people think that they can save the world all by themselves
But all of history's heroes had a little bit of help
Robin Hood had Merry Men, King Arthur had all of his knights
Even Batman had a butler to help him iron his tights

So if you do a little bit don't be belittled by
Those who do a lot of nothing that's in any way worthwhile
Let's all get on with our little bits and let's take a little pride
Knowing we are all a little bit of the future of mankind

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Probably my favourite song from Dinosaur Planet, and one of the ones that goes down best... with academics, at least. This is meant to be Darren explaining to his Mum what the point of Academic Research is but, as may well be PAINFULLY OBVIOUS, it's also based on my INNER JUSTIFICATION for what I do for a living. When I wrote it I didn't think it'd make it into the final show, and if it did it'd just be a daft bit of FLIM FLAM so I was surprised to find it turning out so ROUSING, especially when we got to the REPRISE.

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