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About: The Album

Three years in the making, this is our long awaited science fiction concept album rock opera. Hear the Dinosaurs return from space! Learn how humans fight back! Discover the common enemy that threatens both species!

We don't have any physical copies of this, but you can download it from sites like iTunes or directly from us via our bandcamp page.

Recorded at The Snug Recording Company, Derby
Main dialogue session recorded at Dean Street Studios, London
Additional material recorded on location

Produced by Tom 'Tiger' McClure
Engineered by Richard Collins and Robin Newman
Arranged and played by MJ Hibbett & The Validators

Written by MJ Hibbett
All songs published by WipeOut Music

Artwork by John Allison (

Theme From Dinosaur Planet (overture)
Norwich Central Police Station
Don't, Darren, Don't
Theme From Dinosaur Planet
The University Of Space
A Little Bit
The Secret Army Base
Here Come The Dinosaurs
Just The Place To Start
The Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet
My Grandad Is Nuts
Whither The War Room?
The Battle Of Peterborough
Grandad's House
My Theory Of A Dinosaur Planet
Arrival Of The Giant Robots
We Are The Giant Robots
A Moment Of History
Dinosaurs Talk Like Pirates
What Is Your Business Here?
We Are The Dinosaurs
Some Kind Of Relationship
Literature Search
Teething Trouble
Strangely Attractive
Our Little Problem
Please Don't Eat Us
To Battle!
For The Fate Of The Earth
The Battle Won
A Little Bit More
The End... ?
Theme From Dinosaur Planet (reprise)

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