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About: The Cast

Here's the list of cast members,in order of appearance.

Jonny Yeah (The Narrator)
Jonny Yeah likes to talk. He's talked on some films, and documentaries too. When MJH asked him to talk on the trailer for Dinosaur Planet he was very pleased. Then he talked on another trailer for the show, talked IN the show, and finally ended up talking on the CD. In his spare time he talks on his radio show and in the pub.

Phil Wilson (Sergeant Phil Dixon)
Phil Wilson used to be in a band called The June Brides, then did nothing very interesting for 20 years. He got his mojo back in 2008, and released the critically acclaimed (trans: "Commercially unsuccessful") album "God Bless Jim Kennedy" in 2010. He has since toured in the UK, USA, Spain and Germany, and still has his own hair.

Jenny Lockyer (WPC Jenny Bravo)
Jenny likes singing songs that make people laugh. She's performed in many places from clubs, pubs and festivals to school halls and shop queues. (Specifically, once in the chemist's.) Jenny does loads of things to earn a living including writing and performing her songs and running her arts company, Funsense.

Steve Hewitt (PC Darren Dougan)
Steve would like to point out that it definitely wasn't his fault that Dinosaur Planet became Hibbett's obsession for the last three years, all he said was "you just want to see me on the Royal Mile in a dinosaur costume, don't you?" Steve is currently appearing as (and Steve) in Moon Horse vs the Mars Men of Jupiter

Claire Gibb (General Muriel Truelove)
Mrs. Gibb lives in a tiny village near York with her husband, their two kids, and an apple tree. Before that, she was a late night Xfm DJ, BBC announcer and notorious drunk. /

MJ Hibbett (Terence Truelove)
MJ Hibbett has performed live on Radio One, had a Record Of The Year in Rolling Stone, an Album Of The Day on 6Music, released one of the first ever viral videos, toured up and down the UK and featured in four Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows. He'd like a pint of bitter, please.

Frankie Machine (Corporal Richard Shaw)
Multi-instrumentalist Frankie Machine has appeared on stage over the years with an impressive list of indie royalty, including White Town, Tompaulin and Phil Wilson. The music he records with his own band has been described as "sounds cut straight from the heart" by Drowned In Sound and "very, very special, like a secret on vinyl" by Record Collector.

Bob Fischer (Bob Splendour)
Bob Fischer mumbles and plays records on BBC Tees, but isn't sure how long the BBC will keep paying him for that 'in the current economic climate'.He's worked for Radio 4 Extra as well, and also wrote a science-fiction travelogue called 'Wiffle Lever To Full!', which tells of his real-life encounters with Dave Prowse, Craig Charles and Britt Ekland's dog.

Charlotte Wadsworth (Maureen Hennessy)
Mr Squishable's BFF.

Tom 'Tiger' McClure (Professor Peter Probersite)
When not producing, arranging and fine tuning this album Tom also plays violin for Lazarus Clamp and the Leicester Symphony Orchestra as well as being a keen-witted organiser of allotments, connoisseur of the humble flapjack, expert stock manager of band t-shirts and a really quite fast driver of automobiles.

Chris T-T (Grandad Truelove)
Chris T-T is a bearded middle-class radical songwriter, so he lives in Brighton. He has made seven LPs since 1999, to intense, international acclaim (no, not many sales either), writes on the arts for the Morning Star and on Hibbett's advice, took his own show to Edinburgh Fringe in 2011, singing the children's poems of A.A. Milne. It was his life-long ambition to perform the role of an abandoned pensioner in an apocalyptic science fiction drama, so Dinosaur Planet completes him.

Tim Pattison (Rudolph von Havensack)
Tim used to be the drummer in Prolapse, and collected a pitifully small number of rock and roll stories throughout the 1990s. He first played with Hibbett in The Council, probably the only case of a band recruiting their entire fanbase in a single move. Since then he's been consistently the loudest Validator alongside his wife Emma (the quietest). During small breaks in the hectic Validators schedule Tim lives with Emma in rural Leicestershire with 2 daughters (Edie & Lola), 2 mad cats and can sometimes be found doing map making in tropical paradise islands.

Emma Pattison (Daphne von Havensack)
Emma sang a song to Tim on their wedding day and sealed a place in the band. After a creative career designing old men's jumpers, worn on Brookside, Farm food ads and Roy Cropper, she and Tim created Edie and Lola. Now working in Education, she's helping teens learn hairdressing and childcare as well as working in childcare herself.

Steve Morricone (Giant Robot)
Steven Morricone is the founder of truly independent label Wrath Records and player-manager in the UK's most formidable underground 'evil pop group', The Scaramanga Six. He also runs EduPop Productions, a musical/educational crossover production company based around his other full-time band, Being 747, touring around secondary schools and science fairs with the natural history musical show 'Amoeba to Zebra'. He also plays bass for Eureka Machines, and sax for festival spacefunk outfit Kava Kava and re-formed daft teenage band, Roger's Trout Farm. Steve would like to meet similarly busy people for easy fun, romance and candlelit dinners. GSOH required. Smokers accommodated. Part-ex welcome. £4995 ono. / /

Robin Newman (Robert Chesterton)
Erstwhile member of indie chancers Plans & Apologies and recording engineer at Snug Recording Co. A lover, a fighter, but mostly a man involved in pushing faders to create the illusion of dinosaurs dancing the hornpipe.

Tim Eveleigh (Captain Keith)
Middle-aged middle-class singer-songwriter from South London. Sound familiar? Yes, I know - it's another bloke-with-a-guitar, but I think my songs are slightly more varied than average and I have a reasonable line in between-song chat that appears to keep people vaguely amused.

Charlie Flowers (Dinosaur)
When not being pursued by the police, scaring extremists, acting as events secretary for a gang of crazy Muslim girls, or playing guitar in his band The Fighting Cocks, Charlie likes to spend quiet evenings at home creating pasta recipes. Charlie has known Mark since at least before the creation of the internet, and maybe before colour television.

Meg Hewitt (Dinosaur)
Owner of Puskas the cat, wife of Hibbett's Rock Apprentice and seller of incredible door knockers.

John Kell (Dinosaur)
John's involvement in the World of Hibbett stretches back over ten years and across the worlds of fanzines, student radio and startling coincidences. Recently he has worked with Mark on a screenplay adaptation of Dinosaur Planet and radio version of Moon Horse. He presents a fortnightly show on north London community station North Palace Radio.

Richard Collins (Sergeant Wilbur Corden)
Co-owner of Snug Recording co, Rich utilised his years of experience in bands such as You Slut! and Mascot Fight to try and make it sound like The Validators (certain members particularly) could play and sing in time and in tune. We salute him!

Aislin Chambers, Tegan Chambers, Cheyenne Maurel, Mikael Maurel, Joel Page, Lydia Page, Edie Pattison, Lola Pattison, Asia Faith Tonkin, Keanu Storm Tonkin, Tallis Rain Tonkin, Willow River Tonkin (Children Of Humanity)

Doctor Neil (Iguanadon)
Planet Saver and Adventurer, previously a Robot Scientist, Astronomer, Fossil Hunter, and Experimental Vocalist. Naturally I accepted the job of Iguanadon - I think my skills can bring a lot to the post. Inexperienced in talking like a pirate, was prepared to go on training days, as long as there wasn't too much Powerpoint. It's annoying when they read straight from the screen isn't it? Delighted to be involved in such an imaginative and talented project.

Keith Top Of The Pops (New Moon)
Raconteur, producer and sometime Indelicates Guitarist, Keith is also the genius behind Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band.

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