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Shop: T-Shirts

Here's some pictures of the (now SOLD OUT) 'Dinosaur Planet' t-shirt in ACTION. Amazingly, none of these people are professional models... YET.

Mr L Gibb models his t-shirt in front of some splendid artwork.

Ms Marples and friends.

Relaxing with fashion in the Jones household.

Mr J Williams attracts interest to his t-shirt.

Ms J Coleman and Mr S Hewitt find themselves in a Same Outfit Scenario... and EMBRACE it!

Mr Matt Breach, improving the landscape at Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada.

Mr Marcel Plaum, bring a little bit of Dinosaur Planet to Indietracks.

Indie Legend Mr Phil Wilson, rocking a jacket and t-shirt look.

Mr Stuart Gibb, chilling out max.

In Nottingham, two Validators FLAUNT the "don't wear your own t-shirts" rule.

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