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Inclusion Criteria

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Now I'd worked out what I meant by 'The Marvel Age', I had to work out which comics published during that time I was going to read. I needed it to be comics that featured Doctor Doom, but that wasn't quite as simple to narrow down as it might seem. After a bit of thought I came up for these rules as to which comics would "count".

To be included, an issue must:
Be published during 'The Marvel Age'
For reasons already explained I'm considering 'The Marvel Age' as all comics with a cover date between November 1961 (The Fantastic Four #1) and October 1987 (Watchmen #12 and the final month with Jim Shooter as editor in chief).

Not be a reprint
Marvel published a range of reprints during the 1970s, featuring several of their earlier publications in series such as 'World's Greatest Comics' (reprinting 'The Fantastic Four') and 'Marvel Tales' ('The Amazing Spider-Man'). Collected editions such as 'Origins of Marvel Comics' also began to be published around this time. Unlike later series, such as 'Classic X-Men', these did not include any original material, so will not be included here.

Be published by Marvel Comics
Obviously Doom is a Marvel character, so you might expect all of his appearances to be published by Marvel, but as the company's characters became popular several foreign editions were produced, reprinting stories, sometimes in translation. Some of these had slight amendments made to their text or art, such as in the UK where the publishers Odham made changes to costumes in order to maintain the continuity of their own, slightly different, publishing timeline ( see Lew Stringer's blog for more details). These publications are still basically reprints, so I'm not going to be looking at them.

Feature Doctor Doom Appearing In Person
The nature of the shared Marvel Universe means that sometimes characters appear in the background without actually being part of the story, such as when Doctor Doom appears as an image on a TV screen at the start of Fantastic Four #18. When I get to these issues my plan is to write a little bit about them, but not include them in the main list of Doom's "In Person" appearances.
With all that in place, my next step was to find the actual comics which fitted these criteria...

posted 12/1/2018 by Mark Hibbett

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A process blog about Doctor Doom in The Marvel Age written by Mark Hibbett