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What Price Forbush-Man?

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It's time for another visit to the world of 'Not Brand Echh', with Roy Thomas and John Verpoorten taking Forbush Man on a trip around this version of the Marvel Universe, meeting the likes of The Agents of Sheesh and The Echhs Men in what amounts to a forerunner of the line-wide crossovers which would start to become popular two decades later. It's interesting to note that we now see the same satirical versions of Marvel characters each time they appear in the comic - it's always "The Fantastical Four" or "The Revengers" rather than other versions of their names, and they always behave in the same ways, as if, even in a humour comic, the continuity of a shared storyworld is too hard to resist.

As before, Doctor Doom's appearance is as one member of a group of supervillains who attack Forbush Man and are foiled by him jumping down a manhole. Again, this demonstrates Doom's primacy amongst supervillains and again this has echoes with J Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr's Amazing Spider-man #36: If there's ever a get together Doom's the one who's always got to be there to make it a proper gathering of supervillains. He's a figurehead for supervillainy, so in this case does not express many of his usually character traits, but we'll be seeing that in the next issue of Not Brand Echh when Doom... er... recognises his European roots!

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posted 9/7/2018 by Mark Hibbett

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An examination of Doctor Doom in The Marvel Age written by Mark Hibbett