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The Return Of The Monster

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The most fleeting of Doom appearances in this issue, as The Thing and Human Torch struggle to work out whether they've met that month's baddy before.

It's a problem I'm surprised they don't have more often - they do meet a lot of monsters - and they attempt to solve it by using a projector screen like a science-fiction 1970s version of Tindr, swiping through to find the monster they're looking for. I have to agree with The Thing's opinion here - surely they can at least filter the results somehow - but they do eventually work out who it is they're facing, and Doctor Doom plays no real part in the story whatsoever. This is right at the end of Stan Lee's run on the title, and isn't what you'd call a classic story, so maybe this is him remining readers of some of the great characters he's co-created in the past, before his final story in the next issue.

Talking of which, this is a low-key milestone in Doom's history, as it's the last time he'll appear in the first stage of The Marvel Age - what I'm calling the "Creation" period. In a couple of months' time Stan Lee will have stepped down as Editor-In-Chief and Roy Thomas will (briefly) take over, kicking off a tumultuous few years that I'm calling the "Chaos" period, before Jim Shooter rolls in at the end of the decade and changes things all over again. For that reason, the next blog will be a very special, no-specific-issue, edition, when we'll look at how far we've come since Doom first appeared. See you then!

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posted 25/1/2019 by Mark Hibbett

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