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In 1975 the 7-Eleven chain of US convenience stores launched a new range of plastic cups for Slurpee drinks featuring Marvel characters. They'd already done this a couple of years earlier with DC characters, with the idea being that comics fans would be encouraged to buy Slurpee drinks in an effort to collect thet lot.

There's a lot more information about the series on The Dork Review, and about this specific cup at The National Museum Of American History. Points of interest for this blog include the fact that this is one of the earliest examples of Doom appearing in non-comics merchandising (with the Power Record being the first, I think) and that he is the only supervillain to appear in the entire series, showing once again his importance in the Marvel character universe.

Also of interest is that the back of the cup features the Rich Buckler Doom who appeared at the end of Fantastic Four #142. This particular image will be making another appearance very soon in an almost, but not quite, as odd location!

posted 4/4/2019 by Mark Hibbett

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