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Marvel Value Stamp #84

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As a special addendum to Minor Appearance Week we have what may be one of the most minor of ALL minor appearances, although one which sheds interesting light on the methodology of the people adding information to the various databases I used to set up this corpus.

At first I thought this would be a Doom solo story, as used to be the case when this series began five years before, but sadly he makes no appearance at all in the actualy series - this issue was logged as featuring Doom simply because it includes a 'Marvel Value Stamp'. This was a long running series that ran in the Marvel house ad pages, encouraging readers to collect the entire set. According to The Unofficial Index Of Marvel Value Stamps this particular stamp, #84 in the series, had already appeared in three other comics before this one, none of which made it into any of the comics databases. The fact that it did get entered this time is, I think, purely down to a very diligent data enterer!

As ever the fact that Doom gets his own stamp, as with the Slurpee cup, demonstrates his prominence in the universe, although in this case various other villains had stamps too. The really interesting aspect of the stamp itself is that, like the back of the Slurpee cup, it's using the Rich Buckler image from the end of Fantastic Four #142. Clearly this was a favourite among the Marvel editorial team at the time, and is on its way to becoming one of the defining images of the character for this period.

And so ends Minor Appearances Week - next time Doom returns in a three-part story battling his old nemeses, The Fantastic Four!

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posted 8/4/2019 by Mark Hibbett

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