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The Super Fantasy...

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After all the excitement of a proper full-scale Doom appearance last time (albeit in an alternative "What If?" universe) we're back into the swing of Minor Appearances Month today with a very minor appearance indeed. It takes place in the pages of "Crazy", another attempt by Marvel to do a rip-off of "Mad" in the same vein as "Not Brand Ecch" and it's... well, it's a rip-off of "Mad", basically.

Doctor Doom appears in a two panel gag which seems to be an ongoing feature comparing reality to fantasy - later on there's one about a dentist's called "The excruciating reality and the exhilerating fantasy" where the reality of a dentist's appointment is contrasted with a fantasy of taking revenge on the orthodontic team. It's not very good!

The Doctor Doom one contrasts the fantasy of being a superhero with the reality (in the second panel) of being a bespectacled comics fan being beaten up by bullies. Here Doom is once more shown at the front of a group of supervillains, cowering for comic effect, just as he was in all of those "Not Brand Ecch" strips, and, as with those, it's one of those occasions where you see something from a different time and/or culture and think "Was this ever believed to be funny?" In a way, "Crazy" Magazine is much like the bits of "Henry IV Part One" that always get cut out because they don't make sense anymore. In a way.

Anyway, that's your lot for today. Tomorrow it's the last instalment of Minor Appearances Month, as Doctor Doom tries to sell magazine subscriptions!

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posted 12/12/2019 by Mark Hibbett

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