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Tell Joey I Love Him

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Doom only makes a very small appearance in this comic, which sees Dazzler continuing her Spider-man-esque life, struggling to pay her bills while almost reluctantly fighting crime. Here she wears herself out at work then teams up with an even lower league superhero called The Blue Shield to fight against a stolen piece of military weaponry called - brilliantly - The Think Tank. Doom pops up right at the start as part of a dream sequence which serves as a handy recap of the past two issues, as a delirious Dazzler imagines herself being shouted at by Doom, Nightmare, and The Enchantress. When she wakes up Johnny Storm congratulates her for facing off against "Doctor Doom - the deadliest guy on earth" and that's it for Doom content in this issue and indeed for this blog entry. Next time we're back to see what's happening with the X-Men!

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posted 21/2/2020 by Mark Hibbett

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A process blog about Doctor Doom in The Marvel Age written by Mark Hibbett