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What If The Avengers Were The Last Superheroes On Earth?

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Doom appears a couple of times in this story, but never actually speaks. It's a re-telling of Avengers Annual #2, where Doom also had a very brief cameo. In that one he was acting in his role as an Avatar of Villainy, leading a group of supervillains in order to show that this is a major grouping of powerful baddies. He fulfils much the same function here, rather neatly appearing with exactly the same characters as before, getting soundly beaten by the Avengers. These "What If?" stories are all a bit rubbish (technical terminology), but I do like the way that they do at least seem to have been properly researched. This is shown by having the correct baddies in Doom#s first appearance and also in his second, as part of a very brief recap of his first meeting with Rama Tut, the baddie behind the Scarlet Centurion's mask. Here we see Doom getting picked up in Rama Tut's spaceship, seen from the opposite angle to the one shown in the original comics. That - and his appearance on the cover lying comatose - is the lot for Doom appearances in this story. We'll be back to something approaching normal soon, as we return to the world of "Spider-man" cartoons, but until then I'll leave you with this rather delightful image of Rama Tut/The Scarlet Centurion's collection of neatly shelved life-size superhero figures. It's like an eerie prediction of the Forbidden Planet shop window!

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posted 31/3/2020 by Mark Hibbett

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