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Gigs From History: 1992

Here's all the gigs we played in 1992. Click on the dates for further details.

Monday 27 January 1992
Y Theatre, Leicester

Sunday 1 March 1992
click for larger versionThe Cellar Bar, Leicester
Aiden's first gig after joining Voon two days before. "Baby Don't Leave Me", "White Rabbit", "Ask" and "Child Of The Moon" from this gig are all on The Legend Of Voon - all cover versions! Support was Amphetamine Trash.

Wednesday 4 March 1992
Rainbow & Dove, Leicester

Monday 9 March 1992
The Spreadeagle, Leicester
Mark & Simon/Finnegan

Sunday 15 March 1992
Y Theatre, Leicester
VOON - Rag Revue gig with Aiden drumming.

Sunday 29 March 1992
The Magazine Hotel, Leicester

Sunday 17 May 1992
The Magazine Hotel, Leicester

Tuesday 26 May 1992
Crown & Thistle, Leicester
Voon with "Frank's Band". This may have been the night we all played a version of "Sweet Jane".

Saturday 30 May 1992
The Magazine Hotel, Leicester
Voon were supposed to be supporting The Scum Pups for an Aids Awareness Day gig. The Scum Pups couldn't play, so "helpfully" flyered around town, so their fans wouldn't turn up by mistake! Eugene James played instead, I think. We did "Pilchards Of Death" and "It's A Nice Thing" - both are mentioned in a review in Local Listings magazine "Clag". The reviewer says we played "It's A Nice Evening", which I thought was rather clever as the reviewer was ME with an assumed name!

Wednesday 10 June 1992
Rutland & Derby, Leicester
Voon's only gig as a four piece with Neil AND Chris playing.

Saturday 15 August 1992
The Magazine Hotel, Leicester
Voon supporting Awful (aka Kookaburra).

Monday 31 August 1992
Pump & Tap, Leicester

Sunday 6 September 1992
The Charlotte, Leicester
Voon play a free "Local Showcase" with Throb.

Saturday 19 September 1992
The Charlotte, Leicester
Voon play an all-dayer with Karen D'Ache, Submariner, Cymbalines, Ugly Music Show, Company for Henry, Satan's Beaver, Ash Factory and Colorcrash.

Friday 23 October 1992
The Charlotte, Leicester
Voon support John Otway!

Saturday 24 October 1992
Carlsboro Music Shop, Leicester

Sunday 25 October 1992
Gaslight Club, Peterborough
Voon support Jenny Eclair, also with Eric Heretic.

Saturday 7 November 1992
The Charlotte, Leicester

Tuesday 24 November 1992
Thomas a Beckett, Northampton

Tuesday 1 December 1992
Bull & Gate, London

Tuesday 8 December 1992
click for larger versionPump & Tap, Leicester
Voon playing with Monica's Uncle.

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