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Gigs From History: 1998

Here's all the gigs we played in 1998. Click on the dates for further details.

Tuesday 24 February 1998
The Blue Note, Derby
The first gig at The Blue Note for eight years - everybody was confused, including us, the audience, and especially the promoter. My first time playing onstage with Mr Frankie Machine!

Sunday 19 April 1998
Victoria Inn, Derby
I have no memory of this gig - all I know is that there's a tape recording of it!

Tuesday 5 May 1998
Victoria Inn, Derby
Supporting Half Man Half Biscuit!

Sunday 24 May 1998
The Point, Oxford
UK-Indie Tape launch with Szeki-Kurva - also featuring Andy TBTG and Frankie Machine in my super-group!

Thursday 4 June 1998
Upstairs At The Garage, London
With Mark 700 and a cast of thousands (ish) onstage for 'The Fair Play Trophy' (again)

Monday 27 July 1998
Upstairs At The Garage, London
No idea what happened at this gig - it is recorded as due to happen in the AAS minutes, but that is all I know.

Saturday 8 August 1998
Abbey Park, Leicester
Validators Full Band Set The Sorted Stage at the Abbey Park Festival, with Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones, Mel McCrory, The Abandoned, The Freed Unit, ME, Kevin Hewick, Airport Girl, John Sims, Beat Glider, Twinkie, L'Augmentation and Zipperfish.

Thursday 1 October 1998
click for larger versionUpstairs At The Garage, London
An AAS Showcase night with Johnny Domino, Stumble, and Lazer Guided where I did an interview with Canterbury Student Radio and later had an argument with a journalist (Mr B Clancy) about who was the better Belle & Sebastian fan.

Wednesday 25 November 1998
IC Radio, London
Radio session with Frankie!

Monday 7 December 1998
The Factory, Leicester
The Durham Ox Singers at the first LollopaLeicester, with Dalmatian Rex and The Eigentones, Stumble, and Airport Girl.

Monday 21 December 1998
The Factory, Leicester
The Durham Ox Singers at LollopaLeicester, with Lazer Guided and Twinkie.

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