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Gigs From History: 2001

Here's all the gigs we played in 2001. Click on the dates for further details.

Friday 19 January 2001
Upstairs At The Garage, London
With some Spanish Bloke whose friends talked all the way through my gig, very loudly, then went round telling everybody else to 'SHH!' when he was on.

Saturday 17 February 2001
The Boardwalk, Sheffield
Validators Full Band Set First on at Pop-A-Go-Go - shortly after the gig Emma joined The Validators, and we were complete.

Wednesday 21 February 2001
Jug of Ale, Birmingham
With Misty's Big Adventure.

Wednesday 28 February 2001
University of Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield
With Frankie Machine - this saw the live debut of 'Stan', which had recently been banned by the Students' Union. Nobody noticed.

Friday 11 May 2001
Bull & Gate, London
Validators Full Band Set Emma's first gig, and the only time we played 'Stan' live

Friday 29 June 2001
The Charlotte, Leicester
I played solo with Rob's JAGUAR and a drunk man tried to have a chat with me while I was trying to sing.

Wednesday 25 July 2001
Chambers, Taunton
Insane gig - I spent about eight hours on the train each way, and played to the promoters

Friday 3 August 2001
Jug of Ale, Birmingham
A very early example of a Good Gig - people actually knew the 'Oi Hibbett!' bit!

Sunday 2 September 2001
Firebug, Leicester
Validators Full Band Set Venue spends 90 minutes setting up the PA, we play a set of completely new material, all from 'This Is Not A Library'.

Friday 14 September 2001
The Think Tank, Leeds
First gig in Leeds, featuring Supportive Yet Doomed Heckling

Wednesday 3 October 2001
Victoria Inn, Derby
Validators Full Band Set With Phonotype (who'd been on Radio 1 that day so soundchecked for an HOUR then played to NOBODY), and Magoo (who were lovely). Live debut for 'Give Us A Kiss (for Christmas)' which the audience (Moo and Anne-Marie) seemed to enjoy.

Monday 22 October 2001
The Blessington Carriage, Derby
Company Song and the SINGALONG at the AAS AGM.

Thursday 6 December 2001
The Casbah, Sheffield
With The Frightened Prisoners Of The Kraken - they were brilliant!

Monday 10 December 2001
University Of Leicester, Leicester
The Department Of Epidemiology & Public Health's Research Day!

Wednesday 12 December 2001
Blue Cat Cafe, Stockport
With The Frightened Prisoners Of The Kraken once more - they were fantastic this time too!

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