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Carpe Diem

Civic Court
Caverley S
0113 2436264

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. If there's a blog entry you can read it by clicking on the date.

Saturday 3 July 2004
With Johnny Domino and Being 747.

Friday 4 February 2005
With Galitza and Heavy Stereo
  (setlist available)

Saturday 4 March 2006
Everybody in Leeds was DRUNK and I had to FIGHT somebody to stop them taking over the stage! The Lodger headlined, and between us were Sarandon, who were GRATE.
  (setlist available)

Sunday 23 July 2006
After a 'complicated' morning having to go back to various places to get stuff we'd forgot we met the Fighting Cocks for a very ROCK night - there was arm wrestling, there was BAND STARVATION, there was the longest pub quiz EVER, there was very nearly a F
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Saturday 2 June 2007
With Lusk and Ben Calvert at a Tasty Fanzine night.
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