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This is the website for all of my writing work.

Here you can read my writing CV and biography, download excerpts of scripts, watch some short films, plough through my almost daily blog or just wander over to my music pages.

I hope you find what you're after, and if not let me know!

Latest News

  • Hey Hey 16K is now available to buy as a DVD or download from Go Faster Stripe.
  • 6 Billion To One was selected for the 2016 Movie Park Action Movie Festival.
  • Marjorie Meets Gareth, Gareth Meets Marjorie , Architecture & Mortality and The Invention Of Sex were performed at the Lost City Writers Showcase at City University.
  • Monday To Friday is now available to watch online as a YouTube playlist.
  • My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once was shortlisted for The Comedy Project 2016 at The Soho Theatre.
  • 6 Billion To One recieved an 'Honourable Mention' as 4th placed finalist in the Scriptwriters Network High Concept Screenplay Competition.
  • Captain Wonderful was performed at The Place Theatre, Bedford on Saturday 12 March as part of the StageWrite Festival 2016.
  • Reboot has been shortlisted for Twisted Showcase's 'One Minute Horror' series.
  • SS Rainbow reached the finals of The Impact 50.
  • Intern-National Space Station was a finalist in the short screenplay category of the Marquee Lights screenplay competition.

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