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6 Billion To One

A fast moving sci-fi thriller with a unique high concept in which all of the parts are played by two actors.

A scientist accidentally creates a nano-virus which makes all humans look identical, except for one woman. She and the scientist must fight their way across an England in chaos to find a cure before the religious cults and corporate armies who rule this new world can stop them.


  • New York Screenplay Contest - Official Finalist in the 2016 New York Screenplay Contest (further details)

  • Creative World Awards - Preliminary finalist in the 2016 Creative World Awards. (further details)

  • Movie Park Action Movie Festival - Selected for the 2016 festival. (further details)

  • Scriptwriters Network - Fourth placed Finalist in the Scriptwriters Network High Concept Screenplay Competition. (further details)

  • Big Break - Top 3 scripts finalist in Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2015 (under previous title 'Alpha Male') (further details)

  • Here Be Dragons - 2015 Film Festival Official Feature Scripts Selections at Nine Worlds (further details)

  • Nicholl Fellowship - Top 15%

    (click here to download the first 10 pages of the script)

      NEWS      CV      BIOGRAPHY      FILMS      BLOG      MUSIC      NEWSLETTER      CONTACT