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Hey Hey 16K

A two man rock opera starring MJ Hibbett (and Steve). In the summer of 2015 it was performed at the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe Festivals and has since toured around the country.

'Hey Hey 16K' is the duo's fourth show, following on from Dinosaur Planet, Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter and Total Hero Team. Those were all science fiction extravaganzas, but this one is based on a piece of Internet history. Back in 1999 International Rock Star MJ Hibbett had the bright idea of releasing his hymn to the ZX Spectrum, 'Hey Hey 16K', as the world's first ever internet single. It was a firm favourite among computer geeks and indie fans, but it wasn't until 2004 that it became a worldwide smash. Rob Manuel of b3ta.com created an animation for the song, turning it into one of the first ever viral videos, and it was downloaded over two million times in its first fortnight.

Now MJ has used the song as the basis for a musical in which he goes backwards in time to visit a teenage version of himself, played by Steve. It's very much the role of a lifetime for Steve. As well as home computers, time travel and teenage memories, the show features advice on beer, a biography of Ada Lovelace, brand new songs, tap dancing, Dad jokes, and even a bit of hula hooping. All this and a free badge and CD too!


  • DVD release - available now from Go Faster Stripe. (further details)

  • Buxton Fringe Festival - short-listed for Best Comedy.

    For further information visit http://www.heyhey16k.com.

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