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The following scripts have excerpts available to download:

  • 6 Billion To One - A fast moving sci-fi thriller with a unique high concept in which all of the parts are played by two actors.

  • Architecture & Mortality - Short play about the changing face of Soho.

  • Intern-National Space Station - Screenplay for a short film about temps and interns dealing with a crisis in space.

  • Marjorie Meets Gareth, Gareth Meets Marjorie - Monologue about cold callers.

  • My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once - Sitcom spec about an office manager rejoining his old band, and the reaction of his colleagues.

  • Storm House (screenplay) - 80 page TV pilot original written as the final submission for my MA, mentored by Andrew Cartmel.

  • The Big Bang Theory: The Apocalypse Mandate - Spec script for 'The Big Bang Theory'.

  • The Big Bang Theory: The Alternate Imperium - Spec script for 'The Big Bang Theory'.

  • The Department - Half hour studio sitcom.

  • The Invention Of Sex - Short play written for the 'Sexy Seven' show.

    If you'd like to read more get in touch!

      NEWS      CV      BIOGRAPHY      FILMS      BLOG      MUSIC      NEWSLETTER      CONTACT