Quality Of Life Enhancement Device



Quality Of Life Enhancement Devices are devices which enhance your quality of life. To be more specific, they're cheapily, easily obtained items which we tend to do without for ages for no reason but which, once bought, make life MUCH better. For example, when I lived on my own in a flat i spent years plugging and unplugging appliances in my living room because I didn't have enough plugs to go round. It wasn't a big enough hassle to ever do anything about, until one day I happened to be in a Pound Shop and bought a four-way adaptor plug. From then on life was just that little bit easier all round.

I reckon there's HUNDREDS of examples of these little things that make us all a bit happier, and I've written a SONG to celebrate them. The song lyrics are available here to read, or you can listen to part of the song itself here. I'm interested in knowing what other people think of as QOLEDs, if possible in RHYME - examples of this can be seen in the Current Ideas section, and if you feel INSPIRED by this, you can always submit your own ideas.

Go on! Think of the amount of JOY you've gotten out of that spare lightbulb!