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Songs: A Museum Of One Thing

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You can keep your Natural History
Your Science and your British
Your Louvre and MOMA
I want something specific
Don't force my aching limbs to roam
Through galleries and wings
A single room will suit me in
A museum of One Thing

A Museum Of One Thing
Has got me under its power
A Museum Of One Thing
Gets done in under half an hour

One big fact is just enough
To give your mind a treat
It's better for your soul, also
The souls upon your feet
I'm not part of a school party
I will not take a quiz
I'm here for the fridge magnets
In the Museum of One Thing

A Museum Of One Thing
Will never overwhelm your brain
A Museum of One Thing
Leaves time for tea and, maybe, cake

But a Museum of One Thing contains
A secret and free gift
Each Museum Of One Thing
Smugges a second part within

The Sourdough Museum Of
San Francisco
Taught me about Sourdough
But also San Francisco
The Kelham Island Museum
In Sheffield
Is all about the industrial revolution
And Sheffield
The Philately Museum Of Singapore
Isn't just about stamps
The Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum in Lichfield
Isn't just about Same

You get the general idea

So whenever I visit somewhere new
That's where I want to go
A Museum of One Thing will teach me
All I need to know
About a topic relevant
To the place I've ended up
And if that doesn't work it's all aboard
The hop on hop off Open Top tour bus

A Museum Of One Thing
Does more than it says on the tin
A Museum Of One Thing
Is a museum of two things

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

As readers of my blog will know I LOVE a museum of one thing, and so when I saw that Museums Showoff were looking for people to do an online show during the LOCKDOWN in 2020 I thought I'd give it a go. It turned out pretty well I reckon!

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