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Songs: Dinosaurs Talk Like Pirates

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Dinosaurs talk like pirates
It's scientific fact
If you require evidence
We'd like to point out that

In all pictures of Dinosaurs
You'll see their mouths ajar
As if they were caught in the middle of
Saying "Yarr!"

Dinosaurs talk like pirates
It's indisputable
If you harbour doubts then we
Would like to point out to you

That in all pictures of Dinosaurs
If you care to look
You'll see that nearly all of them
Have a pirate's hook

Dinosaurs talk like pirates
It's obviously true
But if you need a reminder
I'll simply say to you
They love to dance the horn-pipe

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I spent AGES on this one, having several goes at writing a Proper Sea Shanty and ALL sorts, until I realised it didn't actually need to be Terribly Clever or Complicated, and left it as it was. There used to be a final verse but, at the last night in Edinburgh (as heard on the live recording) it was replaced by DINOSAUR DANCING. If only all songs could be so ably shortened!

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